Passport to the Taste of Italy Welcomes Italian Guests

Tickets start at just $15 for general admission and $30 for reserved seating at the University of Toledo’s Glass Bowl Stadium. Club level tickets, which offer premium indoor seating and a buffet, start at $50. A limited number of private suites are also available. Please utilize the visitor Interest form for all suite inquiries.

Passport to The Taste of Italy

Who does not love Italian Food?

Italian Food is considered one of the most popular and most copied in the world. The cuisine has a huge variety of tasty ingredients; Cheeses, pastas, fruits, meats, and fish are common Italian fare. Add a little olive oil and bread and your culinary extravaganza is complete.

Guests from Italy and people of Italian heritage will be making their way to Toledo for the Italian Bowl XLII on July 1, 2023 in the University of Toledo Glass Bowl Stadium. Before the thrill of the gridiron, local restaurants will highlight Italian heritage with a Passport to the Taste of Italy. Almost 40 restaurants have announced their participation in the ‘restaurant bowl dining extravaganza’ running locally June 18-24.

Passport to the Taste of Italy provides a week-long, region-wide showcase of Italian entrees, desserts, and cocktails. Diners will be able to vote on which restaurant features the best entree, best dessert, and best cocktail through a simple QR code located in the restaurant. Additionally, tickets can be purchased to the Italian Bowl at the table.

The top ten restaurants from the People’s Choice awards will go on to the competition for the Judge’s Choice trophy. The televised “Cook-Off” will air June 26 on Buckeye Cable Sports Network and Jim Rhegness will guide the judging panel. Awards for the People’s Choice and Judge’s Choice trophies will be presented during the championship game on Saturday, July 1.

Kristina White, coordinator of the Passport states “there are so many reasons that Toledo is the perfect place to host the Italian Bowl XLII. We expect people from around the world to attend the events. With the abundance of fabulous dining locally, how could we not showcase all the wonderful cuisine our region has to offer?”

The week will kick off with a special international toast held live on social media on June 17th. It is hoped that the Toledo toast will reach to Italy as we all celebrate the Passport week.

Tickets for Toledo’s Italian Bowl can be purchased at https://www.theitalianbowlusa.com/tickets or table-side at participating restaurants. There are $15 general admission tickets and $30 reserved seats at the Glass Bowl. Club level tickets, which offer premium indoor seating and a buffet, start at $50.

Want a Taste of Italy…plan on dining out the week of June 18-24.

Click here to download a PDF containing all the restaurants with their location and contact info.

Here are some of the great restaurants that are participating!

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